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amavisd-milter is a sendmail milter (mail filter) for amavisd-new 2.4.3 or and sendmail 8.13 and above (limited support for sendmail 8.12 is provided) which use the new AM.PDP protocol.

Instead of older amavis-milter helper program, full amavisd-new functionality is available, including adding spam and virus information header fields, modifying Subject, adding address extensions and removing certain recipients from delivery while delivering the same message to the rest.

You can visit amavisd-milter SourceForge project.


A complete description of usage, configuration and troubleshooting is in amavisd-milter(8) manual page.

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A community mailing lists are available at Enhancements requests and problem reports are welcome.

If you run into problems first check the users mailing list archive before asking questions on the list. It's highly likely somebody has already come across the same problem and it's been solved.


Fetch the tarball from Sourceforge and unpack it.

The simplest way to compile this package is:

You can use this optional features for configure:

--enable-debug 			enable all compiler warnings
--with-sendmail=<DIR>		base directory of sendmail installation
--with-sendmail-base=<DIR>	base directory of sendmail distribution
--with-sendmail-obj=<DIR>	obj.* subdirectory in sendmail distribution

More informations you can find in the INSTALL file.

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